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10/26/2022 : Fucked by a black lover with a wonderful body outside

Description: Here is a remastered porn video made with 1 black soldier with an appolon body.
As soon as I saw him, I fell in love with him, magnificent lover.
This time outside we had an appointment for a new part of legs in the air...
He once again filled my mouth with his hot cum.
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10/21/22 : Naughty weekend spent with my Lover in Barcelona (1) - 198 Pics

Hello my loves, for this day here is a new erotic, exhibition and interracial series made on Barcelona during a weekend with my lover (1)

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10/18/2022 : Sodomised by my lover in Ibiza (05)
Creampie and Cuckolding

Description: For this day here is the 5th interracial video made in Ibiza.
This time and before going out to see DJ Armin in Ushuaia, I was being sodomized once again by my lover.
I love to feel his big cock filling me up so much that I even forget that the Cuckold is watching us, lol
He made me cum again twice before filling my little hole with his hot cum, I loved it.
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10/14/22 : 2 interracial series made outdoors during a SexChallenge - 149 Pics

For today, here are 2 interracial series done outdoors with 3 black lovers during a SexChallenge.
I love getting fucked in the open air ♥

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10/11/2022 : Fucked and sodomised by 2 blacks soldiers (Double penetration)

Description:Here is a remastered porn video made with two black soldiers in a military barracks.
That day I had joined my lover in his barracks where he was waiting for me with one of his friends.
It was very exciting because I couldn't be there and I was mega horny, lol
For 1 hour they fucked and sodomized me before taking me in double penetration ♥
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10/07/22 : Ass fucked by a Big Black Cock outdoors - 235 Pics

For today, here is 1 interracial series done outdoors with a new very well endowed black lover.
I was not expecting this at all, and it was amazing, I loved getting fucked by such a big sex. ♥

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10/04/2022 : Sodomised by my lover in Ibiza (04)
Creampie and Cuckolding

Description: For today here is the 4th interracial video made in Ibiza.
Back from a very long day at the beach and a dinner in a beautiful place, I was having fun once again with my lover by sucking him on the terrace, while people passing by could see everything, lol
After removing my big anal plug, my lover immediately sodomized me, and it was great, I loved it.
I came twice before I felt his hot cum invade my little hole.
Afterwards, I even let the cuckold fuck me, with condom of course.
2 hours later in the club, my lover's cum was coming out of my little hole and running down my legs, lol
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09/29/22 : Ass fucked by a young black guy outdoors - 163 Pics

For today, here is 1 interracial series done on the outside with a young military man who fucked me many times...
He has a very nice body and loves to fuck my ass, everything I love ♥

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09/25/2022 : Fucked and sodomised by 2 English blacks guys
(Double penetration)

Description:For this day here is an interracial video made a few days before in Cap d'Agde.
I had an appointment for this day with a BBC that I had known 2 years before at the Sex Beach.
When I arrived, a friend of his, older, came to receive us, then left us alone for 30 minutes.
Well after we started to naughty, his friend came back and while checking us out was masturbating in a corner.
Well endowed, I invited him to join us and it was a treat.
They fucked me, sodomized me and then took me in double penetration while making me cum over and over again.
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09/22/22 : Fucked by 1 black man with a nice ejaculation - 221 Pics

For today, here's 1 interracial series made at a HOT outdoor encounter.
The guy gave me a great cum shower, I loved it ♥

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